Reviews of 2020 album release "Kyra's Dance"

This album is full of gorgeous finger-style acoustic instrumental music, the kind the evokes deep emotion and pure joy. Love his playing and his sound is loaded with beautiful harmonics and layers of sparkle and depth, you really need good speakers to do it justice. One of my favorite albums.” - John F Mobley

Amazon review of 2020 album release "Kyra's Dance"

5.0 out of 5 stars Love Triad, Kyra's Dance, and For Joni! I listened to this album on Spotify. Just great. Triad in particular is wonderful and great for enthusiasts of instrumental guitar.” - sjin19

Reviewed in the United States on January 1, 2021 - Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Soothing Sounds in These Trying Times. I recently bought the MP3 of Kyra's Dance and listened to it as I was cutting out mask patterns to donate to our local EMS team during the COVID-19 crisis. I listened to the entire album and then replayed it because it was beautifully written and so well played. It was smooth, mellow, vibrant and bright. My favorites are Kyra's Dance and Drive/The Potts. Thank you for creating this work of art!” - Nancy Anderson

Amazon review of 2020 album release of "Kyra's Dance"

5.0 out of 5 stars - Excellent music. Every time I listen to this album I hear something new. The tempo shift in Drive/The Potts Boys, and the rhythm of the Russian River Flow. Sitting and listening, without distraction, For Joni brought tears to my eyes. Lots of memories captured in your tune. An of course Angie. I'd like to hear more about the encounter that prompted Shovelhead Gentleman. It's a wonderful album. Well done Mike Potts.” - Robert F

Reviewed in the United States on October 1, 2020. Verified Amazon Purchase

5.0 out of 5 stars Wow! I'm a devotee of good single malt scotch---the older and peatier the better---and bold red wines. My mantra for tasting both is: "You like what you like. You don't like what you don't like. And don't let anybody tell you what you ought to like." That said, I'm telling you to like this album---and buy it. Superb musicianship. A shining work of love. More guitars than I ever understood existed. Great company for a long car ride. Happy birthday, Michael Potts!” - John Grattan Metz Jr

Amazon - Reviewed in the United States on May 4, 2020